102 Scenic Drive

102 Scenic Drive is a large-scale, luxury apartment complex in Lethbridge, Alberta. When branding 102 Scenic Drive we created a simplistic design so as not to interfere with the architecture, but instead, complement it.
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The circles created for the logo are intended to represent the ‘102’ portion of the name in a creative way that is memorable to the public.

102 Scenic Drive Lethbridge Logo
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Our colour selection is a simple two tone scheme that compliments the warmth of the prairies, as well as a contrasting muted navy.

Both serve as a background for the other elements in the brand and allow for the architecture of the building to stand out.

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The font selection for 102 Scenic Drive was chosen to continue the clean look of the rest of the brand. Contrast and clarity are achieved through bold and light variations.

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The 102 brand needed to be flexible for many different applications from print material to building design choices.