Midtown is a group of periodontic clinics throughout Alberta. When branding their clinic, we knew Midtown had to be a standout from the rest. See how we've done exactly that in our process below.
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Logos in the dental industry can often be cliche or have a "cheap” feel. We wanted to stray far away from this expectation and create a bold, unique logo that represents the brand well.

The three lines forming the “m” and “w” signify their three focuses; their patients, their team, and the community.

Midtown Periodontics Logo
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Our goal was to select tones that were bright and fresh. Blue adds that needed pop while white serves as a clean base.

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The selected font was chosen to be a flexible base with a unique look. This font is clean an legible for their website, and various forms used throughout the clinic.

Midtown Font
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By design, the Midtown brand translates to print material extremely well; having a bright fresh feel with maximum clarity.