Quality Exteriors

A new bold, fresh, and versatile brand identity is helping Quality Exteriors improve brand recognition and communicate their values as a company.
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For the Quality Exteriors logo, we have opted for a simplistic, bold design that we feel is a standout from their competition.

Quality Exteriors Logo
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As many already associate Quality Exteriors with the colour green, we chose to continue with a similar hue to take advantage of the existing brand recognition.

Upon researching their competition, many utilize the colour blue, thus making Quality Exteriors a standout in the market.

A lifted black and white are also included for contrast.

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By utilizing a single, simplistic font-face in a couple different ways, we can achieve contrast and clarity without complexity.

Quality Exteriors Font
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The logo, or variations of it, can easily be applied to items such as clothing, exterior wrap, beverage containers, pens, vehicles, and so much more. Keeping these things in mind greatly improves the long-term usability of the brand.

Quality Exteriors Logo Merch & Truck Wrap