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Monterra Projects Ltd. specializes in custom homes and developments in the Comox Valley, B.C. They came to us with the goal of improving theuser interface and user experience of the site. We achieved this through various improvements laid out in greater detail below.

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The previous UI left a lot to be desired. Monterra Projects provides exceptional work and their website neededto be an accurate representation of that excellence.

We integrated a “smoked black” colour into their branding, which gives a more premium look to theirwebsite and makes their projects pop off the page.

Custom icons were also designed for a cohesive and unique look.

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Upon scroll you are met with beautiful animations that immediately make Monterra’s website a stand outfrom other builders in the area.

There is a lot going on under the hood to make these interactions happen, yet the user’s experience iscompletely seamless from desktop to mobile.

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A content management system (CMS) was used for the projects page.

This enables their team to add their own projects in just a few clicks, saving both time and money forMonterra Projects.

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Site performance and technical search engine optimization (SEO) are large factors to consider whenbuilding a website. Google will rank Monterra Builders higher in search results because of their new siteperformance.

Despite the video hero section, animations, high quality images and more, Monterra’s site is extremely fastwith a nearly perfect score on Google’s site analysis tool. The average website scores anywhere from 50-89with many websites from do-it-yourself builders scoring much lower than this. See Monterra’s website scoresbelow.

• Performance: 98

• Accessibility: 100

• Best Practices: 100

• SEO: 100