Lethbridge Clinic Website Design | My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor is Lethbridge's neighborhood clinic. We created their website to reflect the friendly and inviting feel of their staff and clinic culture. We've achieved this through various methods laid out in greater detail below.

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UI (User Interface)

We built the UI to be friendly, clear and inviting. Sliding animations make the website feel less like a website and more like an app-like experience making their potential patients feel comfortable on the site.

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Google Performance

Site performance and technical search engine optimization (SEO) are large factors to consider when building a website. Google will rank My Family Doctor higher in search results because of their site performance.

My Family Doctor's website is extremely fast with a nearly perfect score on Google’s site analysis tool. The average website scores anywhere from 50-89 with many websites from do-it-yourself builders scoring much lower than this. See My Family Doctor Clinic's website scores below.

• Performance: 100

• Accessibility: 97

• Best Practices: 100

• SEO: 92

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