Lethbridge Website Design & Development | Prairie Orchid Weddings

Prairie Orchid Weddings is a premium wedding film team based in Lethbridge, Alberta. We built this website to be soft and friendly to appeal to their target audience.

Along with a brand video, Prairie Orchid Weddings saw a booking rate increase of 900% when moving away from Squarespace to a custom website built with Presto.

See our process and some key features of the Prairie Orchid Weddings website below.

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UI (User Interface)

When creating the brand identity for Prairie Orchid Weddings, we carefully considered how the design would transfer to the website design.

A soft colour palette was chosen to compliment the look and feel of their films resulting in a cohesive look improving brand recognition.

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Video Elements

We wanted Prairie Orchid Wedding's films to be front and center on their website. You will find various video elements throughout the site designed to engage customers and improve on-site time.

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A content management system (CMS) was used for the various pages throughout the site making adding new content like reviews, films, and blogs a breeze.

Prairie Orchid Weddings needed a custom solution to create private pages for client film delivery. Now that the back-end is built, this is achievable in just a few clicks.

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Google Performance

Site performance and technical search engine optimization (SEO) are large factors to consider when building a website. Google will rank Prairie Orchid Weddings higher in search results because of their new site performance.

Despite the video hero section, animations, high quality images and more, Prairie Orchid Wedding's site is extremely fast with a nearly perfect score on Google’s site analysis tool. The average website scores anywhere from 50-89 with many websites from do-it-yourself builders scoring much lower than this. See Prairie Orchid's website scores below.

• Performance: 92

• Accessibility: 98

• Best Practices: 100

• SEO: 100